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Process of the company formation

The Company registration in Hungary has a   numerous advantages for foreign investors including 9% corporate tax and 0% tax on divident. With these favorable conditions, Hungary is a really preferential business and investment destination for foreign citizens. With our high level services the company registration takes only a few days with obtaining a VAT number and all you have to do is to follow the steps below.


Step 1st :

Send us the required documents for the company registration:

For the company registration necessary a colorful, clearly visible scanned version of the new company’s director’s identity document, his/her proof of address (address card, utility bill, bank account statement etc) and his/her mother’s name.


Step 2nd:

Please be so kind to fill out the order form on our website (you can find the form on this link: https://company-formation-hungary.com/order). If you have any problem with filling out the order form please do not hesitate to contact us on this e-mail address. To completely fill out the form you have to appoint a Hungarian address for your company’s residential address and appoint an agent for service of process if the new company’s director does not have a Hungarian residential address. Also please note if the new company’s director does not have a tax nr, he/she has to obtain it in Hungary after the company registration.


Step 3rd:

After filling out the order form we will send you a proforma invoice in PDF format including the costs adapting to the ordered services and with a bank account number, where you have to transfer the fee.


Step 4th:

Whereas you have transferred us the fee and we have finished the customer due diligence based on the documents you have sent us, we prepare all necessary   documents  for the company registration. You can visit us personally to our office (Révay utca 6. fsz. 7., 1065 Budapest, Hungary) to sign the documents or we can send you the documents in PDF format and you can sign them remotely at the Hungarian embassy or at a notary public who speaks English (could be additional costs). Please note that you must sign the documents with a blue colored pen.


After the registration order (issued by the Court of Registation), you have to open a bank account in Hungary for the company within 8 days and place the authorized capital on it, at the latest within one year. In connection with the bank account opening it is a really elaborate process in Hungary, but if you entrust us all you have to do is to choose in which bank do you want to open a bank account, choose the account package which you want (we can assist you in these matters to choose you the most suitable account package for you company) and come here personally to the bank to sign the documents (unfortunately you can not sign the documents needed for bank account opening remotely).


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.