Visa & Residential permit in Hungary

After you have established your company in Hungary, and you are willing to stay in Hungary for a longer time, you will have the opportunity to obtain a residential permit for income purposes. This opportunity is really favourable for those who are residents in a country, which is not a member of the European Union.

For obtaining a residential permit for income purposes as a managing director/owner of a Hungarian company, the minimum conditions are the following:

  • You must have a valid passport, which has to be valid above the time rate of the permitted staying with at least 3 months.
  • You have to confirm the purpose of your staying, which can be done in 2 ways after the company formation (in this case it is better if you incorporate the company with a bigger amount of 3.000.000 HUF in regards to the shared capital):
    • a.) The company legally employs at least 3 Hungarian citizens or other persons with the right of free movement and residence in full-time, at least six months ago continuously, without interruption, or
    • b.) You can attach a business plan, on which basis it is likely, that the company will earn an income which will be enough for your livelihood. The facts contained in the business plan has to be proved credibly (for example with supply contract, agency contract etc.).
  • You have to confirm your livelihood, which can be proved by the legally earned income from your company and the confirmation of your bank savings is necessary also (a bank statement on your name for 3 months backwards).
  • The confirmation of your accommodation, for example with a rental agreement, own real estate, etc.
  • You have to be insured to health care, or you have to prove that you can cover the costs of it. For proving this it is enough if savings are available, or you can effect an insurance for a few months (until you become insured in Hungary).
  • You must not subject to expulsion or prohibition of entry and residence, and your entry and residence does not threat Hungary’s law and order, public safety, national security or public health interest.
  • You must not subject to SIS warning ordering prohibition of entry and residence.

The application has to be submitted at your country’s Hungarian consulate or here in Hungary during your personal visit. The deadline of the evaluation of the application is 21 days after the submission, which does not include for example the duration of possible rectifications.

The residential permit’s validity period is maximum 3 years, which can be extended with another maximum 3 year period occasionally. In most cases at the first time the Authority permits a one year period, after this at defining of the next validity period, the authority is mainly interested in the company’s operations.

At the exceeding of the residence, according to the current legislation it is a further precondition, that before the submission of the application, your residence must exceed 90 days in any 180 days period.

Your family members can also get a residential permit for family reunion purposes, if you have received the residential permit for income purposes (the applications can be submitted at the same time, but the judgement of the application of the family members depends on the evaluation of the residential permit for income purposes). In this case you will have to have an amount of income and bank savings, which is enough for the livelihood of all family members.


Our fee contains:

  • All the government and statutory fees,
  • Filling out the application for residential permit,
  • Assistance with the compile of the necessary annexes,
  • Preparation for the personal interview, the compilation of the questions and answers,
  • The submit of the application in Hungary (after you have submitted the application in your country),
  • Representation in case of possible document restoration,
  • In case of the permission of the application, filling out the necessary forms after the entry, and assistance and representation at the obtainment of the residential permit.