Important informations about accounting

It is especially important for your company’s successful and economical operation, that you be aware of the Hungarian taxation and financial regulations.

Hungarian companies must submit regular accounting reports from the date of their incorporation.

You have to pay:

  • the corporation tax (9%, has to paid in advance until the 20th of the month following the quarter),
  • the local business tax (0-2%, subject to the location),
  • the chamber contribution fee (HUF 5000/year).

The bills have to be paid until the 10th of each month.

In regards to employment costs, the minimum wages for skilled employees are EUR 555/month, and for unskilled employees EUR 425/month.

Please note that if you are non-resident in Hungary and you stay more than 183 days per year, paying social security contribution is an obligatory. If you have a social security insurance in another country and you do not stay more than 183 days in Hungary, you can declare this fact on Form E101, and in that case there is no social security payment obligation.

Also please pay attention to that the audit is mandatory if the number of the employees are more than 50 members or your yearly income exceeds EUR 1.000.000.

Our professional and highly experienced accountants can carry out all the necessary measures if you honour us with your confidence, so you do not have to deal with complicated financial rules and obligations, your only thing is to give us the invoices and bank statements.

With our special offer in connection with our accounting service you can save EUR 500 from the cost of the incorporation if you entrust us with a one year period accounting service.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.