Incorporation FAQ

Company Formation questions and answers

What is the way of the company registration procedure?

First you have to send us the necessary documents and information which is required for the company registration. After all these are at our disposal we will send you a proforma invoice in PDF format with the costs and a bank account number, where you have to transfer the fee. Whereas you have transferred us the fee and we are done with the customer due diligence, we will prepare all necessary documents for the company registration. You can sign the documents while you visit us personally to our office, or
remotely from your home country via Skype identification.

Which documents and information are required for the company registration?

  • A colourful clearly visible scanned version of your valid passport,
  • Your proof of address (it can be a utility bill or a bank statement which is not older then 3 months),
  • Your mother’s full maiden name,
  • Your tax identification number,
  • The chosen name for the new company,
  • Detailed information about the business activities which you would like to perform,
  • The amount of the shared capital and an exact date until you will place it on the company’s bank account,
  • An email address for the company.

In case of remote signing is it possible to carry out the identification via Whatsapp or Zoom etc. instead of Skype?

No, the bar association only accepts those recorded videochats which has been done via the Skype software.

How many members are required to establish a company in Hungary?

Only one person (sole member) is enough to set-up a company in Hungary if that person shall also be appointed as a managing director.

Should my company have a physical office in Hungary?

Your company must have a Hungarian residential address, but it is not a requirement to have an actual, physical office.

How much is the minimum amount of the shared capital for establishing my company?

The minimum amount of the shared capital depends on the type of the company, which you would like to establish.

The so-called ’’Betéti Társaság” can be established with a minimal 2.000 HUF amount of shared capital, however we always recommend to our clients to form the company with at least 100.000 HUF (approximately 280 EUR) shared capital.

If you would like to establish a “Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság. the minimum amount of shared capital is 3.000.000 HUF (approximately 8500 EUR).

If you are planning to establish a “Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság”, the minimum amount of shared capital is 5.000.000 HUF (approximately 14.200 EUR).

You can find a detailed description about the differences between these company forms on this website:

Do I need a licence for my business activities?

In most cases you do not need a licence in Hungary for business activities, but there can be exceptions. If you choose a business activity which is required to have a licence for carrying it out, we will immediately notify you, and you can change that business activity to another one or we can assist you with obtaining a license (this will have additional costs).

Can you assist me with legal advices after the incorporation?

Yes we have professional, qualified and well-experienced solicitors in the territory of the Hungarian corporate and commercial law who are at your disposal in accordance with the company registration and all the other provided services.