General FAQ

Common questions

Why should I order the company registration, the registered office service and the accounting service via Company Express?

We have been providing these services since nearly 20 years ago, during this time we have worked out the most convenient and most efficient company registration and supporting service, all safe and reliable. If you entrust us with your confidence, you can be sure that your future company will be maintained smoothly.

Can I contribute the payment for your services into several parts?

No, you have to pay in one amount. After you have settled the invoice we can send you the documents for signing.

How many times do I have to visit Hungary?

In case of you would like to sign all necessary documents to the company registration from a distance, you have to visit Hungary only once to open a bank account for your company (unfortunately you cannot sign the necessary documents for opening an account from a distance).

What is the agent for service of process?

If the company’s managing director/owner does not have a Hungarian residential address at the time of the incorporation, an agent for service of process shall be designated in the registration application. The agent for service of process may be an organisation with a registered office or a natural person with permanent residence in Hungary.

Can I take out the shared capital from my bank account?

Yes, after your company is established you can spend all the money on company-related expenses.

Can I change the business activities after the incorporation?

Yes it can be changed by the accountant of the company anytime, this process does not require a company modification or legal representation.

Is EU VAT number included with the company formation?

Our business registration fee includes the obtaiment of an EU VAT number which comes simultaneously with the registration, and with that the company shall entitled for 0% VAT trade within the territory of the European Union, if your potential future clients also have an EU VAT number. If you would like to provide your services to companies which are registered outside of the European Union the transactions shall be VAT-free in this case (except for offshore companies which don’ t have a tax number),

How much is the VAT rate in Hungary?

The VAT rate is 27% in Hungary, which you have to pay after issuing an invoice, but there is a value of the deductible tax, which you can deduct from the paid VAT at the end of the tax assessment period. The value of the deductible tax depends on the executed transactions, the purchased products and the services used in the tax assessment period.