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Other services


We are providing services apart from the company formation and the accounting which can be useful in favour of your company’s efficient operation.


Please let us introduce these services:


Secretarial services:


If you do not want to bother with your company’s paperwork and with organizing the delivery of these, then our secretarial service is the best solution for you. If you entrust us with your confidence, we undertake your documents (any kind of it: letter, e-mail, fax, etc.) typing and editing. The secretarial services includes the courier services also, by professional couriers, like DHL, we can deliver the documents for you or for your client to anywhere in the world in a few days. The secretarial services includes communication services too, we will take care about answering the phone and the communications with contractors. The secretarial services have  to be paid yearly.


Legal services:

Our company works with highly experienced, professional lawyers with great courtroom experience in connection with commercial and insurance disputes. These excellent specialists can help you to carry out all legal issues, and give you useful advices. If you entrust us with your confidence, you do not have to worry about communications with tax- and other authorities, our specialists will carry out all these measures. They will also act in circle of obtaining the necessary documents, and they will help you out in the registrations. The legal services also include the court case representation if its requisite. They will also do the preparation of the real estate sale and business contracts. During our opening hours (Monday-Thursday: 9:00-17:00, Friday: 9:00-15:00) they are available for consultation anytime, if you need any legal advice. The hourly consultancy fee of our lawyer colleagues is 100 EUR + VAT, but of course you also have the option to order it in form of a monthly package. In this case the hourly fee is 70 EUR + VAT and minimum 3 hours is payable per month. If you expect to have a significant need for legal assistance you can also order our extended extra package. In case of this the hourly fee shall be 50 EUR + VAT, the minimum payable hours per month is 10 hours.

Apostille for documents:


The apostille is a type of authentication review, which is provided by the Hungarian National Notary Chamber. It is needed for every document which has to be accepted as an authentic international document in a foreign country. Before they can put an apostille on a document, the document has to be authenticated by a notary. It is not a really simple act to take care of obtaining an apostille for a document in Hungary, but if you entrust us with your confidence, we will take the necessary steps.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.