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Taxation of Income from Social Media Platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Onlyfans, and Others for Companies

On social media platforms, there are often companies present that typically create content to promote their own products and services. In some cases, businesses generate significant revenue by producing popular...
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Social security obligation of a foreign executive in Hungary

Foreign citizens who hold executive positions are considered as entrepreneurs, and if they are not retirees, they are generally subject to social security contributions in accordance with the general rules....
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Interim tax changes in personal income tax and corporate tax

The amendment regarding contributions from airlines and certain tax laws was adopted by the National Assembly on July 4, 2023. Changes related to personal income tax: According to the amendment,...
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VAT exemption from 2023

The change regarding the EU-level VAT exemption is expected to enter into force from 2025. The purpose of the amendment is to reduce the administrative burden on small and medium-sized...
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Legal administration remotely

Before the coronavirus pandemic, personal meetings were essential during the work of a lawyer, especially in the case of transactions requiring a countersignature – such as real estate sales, company...
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Good news: IMF sees Hungary economic growth among highest in region

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has bumped up its projection for Hungary’s economic growth in 2022 to 5.7 percent, among the highest in the region, according to the finance ministry....
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Tax cuts announced by the Hungarian Finance Minister

The government is preparing for the post-war situation by working to keep the economy on a trajectory to catch up with more developed economies, the employment rate at the current...
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An insight into the popularity of crypto in Hungary

In Hungary, cryptocurrencies are recognized as a legitimate form of digital payment. These currencies exist in an entirely non-material state. Blocks of transaction data are stored in the blockchain without...
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Budapest among the best cities for digital nomads!

For years, people have been travelling the world to find new and exciting ways to work. And now, with the advent of technology and the internet, there’s never been a...
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Hungary Wants to Provide a Competitive Investment Environment

The Hungarian government wants to create favorable conditions for foreign investment, according to the Foreign Minister. German business leaders spoke positively at a forum in Berlin, but some criticized the...
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