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Bank account opening process

According to the Hungarian law system every entrepreneur have to open a bank account at a Hungarian bank after the incorporation for its company. Following the registration at the Court of Registration the entrepreneur has to open the bank account in 8 days, and place the shared capital (EUR 10.000)  on the account. The shared capital can be spent on company-related expenses after the company has been estabilished.

You have to choose the bank where you want to open the account (you can find more informations of the Hungarian banks on this site:  https://company-formation-hungary.com/bank_account_opening/informations_about_hungarian_banks ), and you have to choose the account package you want (you can find more informations about the packages on this site:  https://company-formation-hungary.com/bank_account_opening/bank_account_packages  ).

The following documents are neccessary for opening an account:

  • Document for identification
  • Deed of foundation
  • Certified copy of the specimen of signature
  • Certificate of Court of Registration (registration number, tax number, statistical symbol)

You have to hand in the original documents at the bank, or the copy of the documents simultaneously with the presentation of the original documents.

After the bank is ready the with the documents needed for the bank account opening, you have to sign the documents personally at the bank (unfortunately you can’t sign these documents remotely). Whereas you have signed the documents, the bank will activate your account, and you can start using it.

If you entrust us with your confidence, we can carry out all the neccessary measures for opening an account (we can help you the choose the most suitable bank and account package for you, we certify and hand in the neccessary documents for the account opening), all you have to do is to come to the Hungarian bank which you choose, and sign the documents.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.