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Bank account FAQ

  • When do I have to open a bank account?

You have to open a bank account in Hungary within 8 days after receiving of the company registration order, and shall be transferred the shared capital (EUR 10.000) on it.

  • What kind of bank offices are you working with?

You can open a bank account at any commercial bank in Hungary, it is up to your decision. The market leader banks in Hungary are MKB bank, Raiffeisen bank, K& H bank, OTP bank and CIB bank. These are banks with a long history, with professional administration and provides internet banking services in English language.

  • How does the bank account opening looks like?

Opening a bank account in Hungary is a really elaborate process, but if you entrust us with your confidence, we will prepare you all the necessary documents to the bank account opening. All you have to do is to choose in which bank do you want to open a bank account, choose the account package which you want (we can assist you in these matters to choose you the most suitable account package for you company) and come here personally to the bank to sign the documents.

  • Is there a limit for how many bank accounts can I open for my company?

There is no limit for opening bank accounts to your company, but you have to pay the fee at each account (approx. EUR 300).

  • What are the maintenance fees at a Hungarian bank on monthly basis?

It depends on the number of the transactions, cash withdrawals etc. The average is EUR 6-15 plus the transfer fees.

  • Do the banks put limits when it comes to daily transactions executed through internet banking channel?

You can adjust the daily limit for yourself when you are opening the bank account. The maximum limit is EUR 3.000.000 per day.