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Our company has a history of 18 years, during which we are dealing with company formation, accounting services, registered address service, virtual and real office using, management and other related legal services. Our services are done by highly experienced, qualified professionals, our company  cooperate  with several law firms, which are especially dealing with company and insurance law, furthermore having significant courtroom experiences in connection with commercial disputes. Since our incorporation we have provided our high level services to the satisfaction of hundreds of our clients, during this time we have evolved the most convenient, most comfortable, fastest and safest company formation procedure and management for our clients, which is consistent with the existing legal regulations. In urgent cases the company set-up, modification and registration by the Court of Registration can be done in one day. We take responsibility for our activities and consultations.

Our company is dealing with company incorporation in Hungary, which has numerous benefits and favourable conditions with regard of setting up a company in other European countries.

Therefore the following factors have a great importance:

  • Foreign individuals, companies, social organizations or other organizations can form and own a Hungarian company


  • Even a single member is sufficient to register a business in Hungary


  • The appointment of a single managing director (can be a foreign person) is sufficient


  • The company formation, registration by the Court of Registration   takes place within a few days


  • Immediate tax number, which entitles for VAT free trading in every EU Member State


  • The minimum share capital is approximately EUR 10.000, which can be withdrawn after the incorporation


  • The accounting can be done in EUR


  • Simple Taxation System


  • The Hungarian Taxation System has the lowest tax rate for foreign individuals in the European Union next to Cyprus and Malta


  • VAT rate is 27%


  • Corporate income tax rate is 9% (the lowest in Europe)


  • Local business tax rate is 0-2% (the rate depends on the chosen residential address for the company)


  • Hungary has signed tax treaties in the subject of the avoidance of double taxation with more than 80 countries


Inasmuch you find the above conditions appropriate, our company is at your service if your clients intend to form, modify, dissolve a company in Hungary use our accounting, and other management and legal services, or ask for advice on these matters.

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.