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About Hungary

More and more foreigners incorporate in Hungary nowadays, in sight of the advantages from the setting up a company in Hungary, thanks to the favorable taxation conditions and the simplicity of the company incorporation in Hungary. Please let us introduce the auspicious properties of registering a business in Hungary:

  • The company formation takes only a few days assisted by our high-level professional services. The procedure is really simple, all you have to do, to send us the required documents and transfer the fee of the services after receiving all necessary documents, our professional and experienced lawyers accomplish the procedure within a few weekdays. You do not have to come to our office, you can do the company set-up on our user-friendly website and then you can sign the necessary documents in your own country (please note that you have to open the   bank account in Hungary after receiving the notification from the company registration order your personal appearance is necessary thus unfortunately you cannot sign the required documents from a distance),

  • Our business registration fee includes the obtaining of the EU VAT number immediately, so the company shall entitled for VAT free trade within the territory of the European Union, if your potential future clients also has an EU VAT number. If you  would like to trade outside Europe, you also do not have to pay VAT after issuing an invoice,
  • The taxation system in Hungary has numerous benefits to foreign natural persons and companies. If you would like VAT free trading you only have to pay the yearly the corporate income tax, the local business tax and the chamber contribution fee. The corporate income tax is 9% in Hungary, which is the lowest in Europe. The local business tax depends on the residential address of the company its value is between 0-2%. The chamber contribution fee is EUR 15 for a year. If you do not have a residential address in Hungary the tax on dividend is free of charge. For making invoices, there are more Hungarian free software is available, which shall include   English version and  really easy to handle. Of course if you have any problems with these matters, our accountants are at your disposal anytime,


  • The VAT rate is 27% in Hungary, which you have to pay after issuing an invoice, but there is a value of the deductible tax, which you can deduct from the paid VAT at the end of the tax assessment period. The value of the deductible tax depends on the executed transactions, the purchased products and the services used in the tax assessment period,


  • The bank account opening procedure is also really simple those foreigners who are setting up a company in Hungary. You have to choose the account package the type of the bank card the expected number of bank transfers per month and the currency for the bank account (every currency is available). After that we arrange all the paperwork (this will   be takes up to 2-3 weekdays) with the bank and then you can come to the bank to sign the necessary documents. You can choose numerous banks for account opening, such as MKB bank, Raiffeisen bank, K& H bank, CIB Bank, OTP bank etc. You can handle your account on the website of the bank, which is really user-friendly and it is available in English,


  • The infrastructure conditions of our country are very favorable since Hungary has become the  Member of the European Union (more than ten years). Due to these conditions our country is a perfect place to foreign investors. Our road-system is very developed, due to that it is located on the Berlin-Paris-Moscow axis. Budapest International Airport receive flights from all over the world, and you can reach directly our office with the airport bus shuttle,  


  • Thanks to the advanced Hungarian education system there are a lot of qualified, highly educated professionals, who are here to help you any time. The administration is extremely fast in Hungary due to the high quality labour force. Our professional administration is available on the web interface, which is fast, comfortable and can be used in English.


If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us any time. We hope that you will be satisfied with our services.